Mission and Values

Our Vision: 

To empower coffee growers through a focused approach of integrating sustainability and profitability where all goods are truly ethically sourced, where no human is enslaved to labor, and where justice guides every business decision.

Our Vow:

To Do Good embodies the "hands" of Bald Guy Brew. Ethical decisions will be made on every level of business, from the most basic transaction, to working with farmers, to responding to challenges and successes. We want each fingerprint that we leave to mark justice, goodness, and compassion.

To Pursue Excellence embodies the "heart" of what we do at Bald Guy Brew. Specialty Coffee properly roasted is our way to honor the growers and our friends that buy our coffee. We hope that an experience with our coffee brings the drinker into connection with the hands that grew it and picked it. 

To Walk Dirt enables us to understand coffee from the perspective of the people who grow it. When we walk dirt, we leave our footprint alongside the footprint of each person engaged in our coffee process. This whole thing is about relationship and community, not just business-as-usual. 

Our Motto:   Coffee that Cares!