Mission and Values


At Bald Buy Brewwe have three core values that underscore everything we do: to be eco-friendly, to be socially responsible, and to roast exceptional artisanal coffees.


Being eco-friendly for us means to have relationships with the farmers who grow the coffee so we can know that the coffee is grown organically and so that we can know that the environment is not harmed in order to make room for the coffee to be grown.

Bald Guy Brew is a Cafe Feminino Partner and we're committed to supporting women and children in the coffee lands. 

All our coffees are packed in bags made of biodegradable materials and we've also worked to replace plastics in our coffee shop with eco-friendly friendly alternatives.  


Social responsibilityfor us means buying fair trade coffee so (when we're not limited by the demands of a pandemic)we lead a lot of trips to Costa Rica to show people how coffee is grown and what those conditions look like.

'Por la amistad' means 'for the friendship' in Spanish.  Por la amistad is at the heart of everything we do.  Relationships are important to us and we've spent two decades cultivating friendships with our coffee growers, all over the world. That's why we're able to deliver some of the most exceptional coffees you'll find, grown with the same care and attention we bring to every bean we roast.

We envision a supply chain in which all goods are ethically sourced, no human is enslaved to labor, and justice guides every business decision.  When you purchase our coffees, you help ensure coffee growers receive a fair, living income.

We also host a variety of local fundraisers to help our community in any way we can. 


We roast artisanal coffees.  What this entails is ‘cupping’ each coffee to determine which roast level pulls out the maximum flavors for each specific coffee variety—so you can enjoy the most flavor out of every cup. 

Also known as Sensory Evaluation, a coffee taster uses sight, taste, touch (mouthfeel), and smell to grade each of the following: Fragrance, Aroma, Flavor, Finish, Body, Acidity, Balance, Sweetness, Uniformity, and determine if it is a 'clean cup' -- or if there are any preventable defects present. Learn more about cupping here.

Coffee tasters follow this routine religiously, and it is only by cupping regularly that you train the palette to identify what is happening in your cup. 

From the coffee we source, to the roast profiles we've developed over the last two decades, our goal is to deliver outstanding specialty coffees to your door and to your cup, every single time.

Every coffee we sell is organically grown and personally selected by Don Cox!


It feels good to wake up and get to work—and know we’re working to make a difference - not only in our own community, but also in the community of coffee growers around the world as well. So come on out to the local farmers market and grab a fresh cup of bald buy brew or visit us at our coffee shop in Blowing Rock.  We’d love to see you!

And if it's too far to visit us in person, order online to enjoy Bald Guy Brew in your own home. We think you’ll like it!